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For over 40+ years Rooter-Man has been providing professional plumbing and drain cleaning services. With millions of satisfied customers, it is clear that Rooter-Man strives to provide the best customer service you will find. Our local Los Angeles and Orange County, CA plumbing and drain cleaning experts are available to come to the rescue whenever you need us! Whether its routine maintenance or an emergency, residential or commercial properties, Rooter-Man can quickly solve any plumbing system, sewer, and drain problems. Call our local Los Angeles or Orange County office today to schedule service!


Frequently Asked Questions

1Clearing Main Drain Lines
Main drain lines run from a residential or commercial property and connect to a city sewer line or a septic tank. Your main sewer line in Los Angeles, CA can become blocked by debris or by tree roots. Rooter-Man can use a power drain snake, or a high pressure water jet, to quickly clear and clean walls the of the main drain line.
2Unclogging Household Drains
The majority of the time household drains become clogged by the build up of common items that go through the drain such as hair, grease, or food. Our technicians can clear your sink, tub, toilet, or shower drain, restoring it to proper working condition.
3Video Inspections to Locate Problems
Video inspections are used to visually check the condition inside a drain pipe. This technology saves time and money by quickly locating any possible defects or damages. Video inspection are recorded and available to all of our customers upon request.
4Save Time and Money!
Rooter-Man has over 40+ years of experience and excellent customer service. We can help you fix any drain or plumbing problems right the first time at a very reasonable rate. Rooter-Man is the best choice when you need trustworthy drain, sewer, septic, or plumbing services.
  • We had been dealing with a clogged toilet for the past couple of days and it was honestly a living nightmare. Imagine only one of the other bathrooms having a functioning toilet with three people trying to use it each time. We decided to do some research online to find a good plumbing company that would be able to come and take care of the problem. After speaking to the representative over the phone we decided to schedule an on-site evaluation, Manny was the gentlemen who arrived to help us out. After he ran diagnostics he decides a hydro jett would be the smartest solution to the problem. All of the staff are patient and friendly and are available most hours out of the day to help out.

    Nicolas G.
    Anaheim, CA
  • I called Rooter Man Plumbing because I had an issue with my toilet. The customer service was amazing. They answered all of my questions and came out to my house within the next day. They were very professional and got the job done within an hour. I recommend Rooter Man Plumbing to anyone who is looking for quick professional plumbing rooter service.
    Laura D.
    Glendale, CA
  • There is such a wide variety of plumbing and rooter companies in the greater Los Angeles area, and this made it so much harder to make a clear decision about which one we wanted to hire. After getting some information about how these guys do business we felt comfortable enough to settle on an agreement with them. They scheduled an appointment for us the following day which we met Sam and Steven, they showed up fifteen minutes earlier than scheduled just for courtesy and we really appreciated this. They figured out the problem why our kitchen sink was leaking and it was due to a burst pipe that was connected throughout the house. After running some analytics they fixed the issue and everything has been working just fine since.
    Barn T.
    Fullerton, CA
  • Grandmothers toilet was flushing slowly. Tried a plunger and it didn't work. Found out the main outside the house located right outside the bathroom was overflowing. Rooter Man plumbing kept us involved throughout the whole process and fixed our problem quickly. 5/5 customer service 5/5 quality Jesse and Johnny were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and fantastic to work with. Thanks so much again guys !
    Ryan A.
    Hollywood, CA
  • Responsive customer service. On time, friendly technician. He fixed our issue but also told us about a bigger, underlying issue and what he would do to fix it. He did NOT try to up sell us. We would highly recommend Rooter Man and plumber Frank!

    Kathie V.
    Irvine, CA
  • I would recommend everyone to use Rooter Man Plumbing they have Great customer service and they are fast I had my mainline backing up in to my house they removed the toilet and snaked the line and then ran a camera had major roots I need a clean out so I won't back up in to the house. Rooter man installed a clean out and did a trench less sewer replacement. Thanks you Rooter Man and Leo was the best!!!
    Rick B.
    North Hollywood, CA

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