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Septic Service in West Hollywood, CA

Septic Pumping & Cleaning in West Hollywood, CA

For the twenty percent of homeowners in the United States whose building is not connected to a centralized sewer system, an on-site wastewater treatment system is the only option for sewage treatment. These systems save homeowners from monthly sewer bills, but the maintenance and repairs become a responsibility. Fortunately, you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Homeowners in West Hollywood, CA can call Rooter Man for professional septic services. We are proud to offer reliable and affordable septic pumping and septic cleaning in West Hollywood. Call Rooter Man any time to schedule a convenient appointment or request an emergency septic tank pumping today.

How does the septic system work?

Knowing how the septic system works is an important step in understanding the value of routine maintenance. Let’s dive into a quick outline of how the traditional septic system operates.
As you use the plumbing fixtures and generate waste and wastewater, they travel down the pipes and into a septic tank installed underground near the building. There in the septic tank, the waste and wastewater naturally form three layers: a top layer of scum, a middle layer of liquid effluent or wastewater, and a bottom layer of solid waste.
The liquids continue flowing out of the septic tank and toward the drain field where they percolate through the soil for treatment. Back in the tank, vital bacteria breaks down the solid waste into space-saving, dense sludge.

The septic tank must be periodically emptied.

The septic tank is a watertight container, generally capable of holding 1,000 to 2,000 gallons of waste and wastewater. The helpful bacteria saves valuable space by breaking down solid waste into dense sludge, but even the sludge levels will rise and have to be pumped out before the solid waste and scum get near the septic tank’s inlet and outlet pipes.
Septic pumping in West Hollywood involves vacuuming out the majority of waste and wastewater in the tank to prevent overflowing, clogging, and other disruptions to the septic system.
Though the frequency of septic tank pumping depends on the size of the septic tank, the number of people in the household, and other factors, a general rule of thumb is to pump the septic tank once every 3 to 5 years.


When to schedule a thorough septic cleaning.

Wastewater treatment system cleaning involves a lot more than simply pumping out a majority of the waste and wastewater. A thorough septic cleaning gets into the nooks and crannies to fully clean the septic walls and other components. 
If it has been over 5 years since your septic tank has been pumped, then a septic tank cleaning in West Hollywood is a great way to start off with a clean slate. Many homeowners even reserve septic tank cleaning once every other septic pumping appointment to prevent grime, buildup, clogging, and so forth.

Emergency Septic Pumping Available

An overfilled septic tank can lead to sewage backups, sewage leaks, and even a septic system failure. You don’t have to wait through the weekend or holidays to have your septic tank pumped. Call Rooter Man to request emergency septic pumping in West Hollywood, CA today.

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