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Septic Service Topanga, CA

Septic Pumping & Cleaning in Topanga, CA

When was the last time you scheduled septic pumping in Topanga, CA? The general rule of thumb is to have the septic tank pumped out once every 3 to 5 years. If it’s been longer, then you might be better off scheduling a thorough septic cleaning instead. In any case, Rooter Man is at your service. We are proud to offer septic pumping as well as septic cleaning in Topanga, CA. Call Rooter Man any time to speak with a courteous member of our team and schedule a flexible appointment. We are also happy to arrange an emergency septic tank pumping as soon as possible.

How the septic system works.

In order to truly understand the importance of septic pumping in Topanga, we should start with how the septic system works. 
The waste and wastewater generated by your household go down through the drain line and into the septic tank where they naturally form three layers: a bottom layer of solid waste, a middle layer of wastewater, and a top layer of grease and scum.
The wastewater, or liquid effluent, will continue to flow out of the tank and toward the drain field where it percolates through the soil for treatment. The solid waste and scum stay in the tank where they are broken down further into sludge by helpful bacteria and chemical processes.

What is septic pumping?

As you can imagine, the solid waste in the septic tank will accumulate over time. Fortunately, that waste breaks down into space-saving sludge, but that only slows down the inevitable. Eventually, the sludge and solid waste will have to be removed.
Septic pumping involves vacuuming out a majority of the waste and scum in the septic tank to make room. If the septic tank is not regularly pumped out, the sludge and scum could get to the inlet and outlet pipes, leading to problems like clogging, backups, leaks, and other sewer damage.


What about septic cleaning?

Though septic tank cleaning and pumping are often used interchangeably, septic tank cleaning in Topanga is a more thorough job and gives your septic tank a fresh slate to work with. Periodic septic cleaning is advised if you want your septic tank functioning at its best. Generally, clients like to have their tank cleaned once every other septic pumping appointment.
When to schedule septic pumping & cleaning
This depends on a number of factors like the size of the septic tank as well as the size of the household. It also depends on the working condition of the septic system. The general rule of thumb, however, is to pump the tank once every 3 to 5 years. If you don’t know when you last pumped your tank, or if it has been over 5 years, then it might be a good idea to start with a thorough septic tank cleaning in Topanga.

Emergency Septic Cleaning Available

Wastewater treatment system cleaning is nothing to take lightly. Neglecting this central maintenance task can lead to big headaches like sewage backups, leaks, and even a septic system failure. If you are worried about your septic tank overfilling, then call Rooter Man to request an emergency septic pumping or septic cleaning in Topanga, CA today.

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