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Septic Pumping in La Verne, CA

Septic Pumping in La Verne, CA

Do you have a septic system installed on your property in La Verne? If your sewer bill reads $0, then you likely do. If so, then don’t forget to schedule routine septic pumping and septic tank cleaning. These are crucial septic service and should be scheduled once every three to five years.

You are not on your own, however. The professionals at Rooter Man Plumbing are always happy to take your call and schedule a convenient appointment. We also offer emergency septic tank pumping in La Verne. Don’t forget to explore our website to find applicable discounts and coupons as well as ongoing promotional offers.

How the Septic System Works

When waste and wastewater goes down the drains, they travel through the plumbing system and into the septic tank where they split into three layers: a bottom layer of solid waste, a middle layer of wastewater, and a top layer of scum.


The wastewater is briefly treated and flows through the outlet pipe and into the drain field. The scum and solid waste, meanwhile, stays in the tank where it breaks down into sludge thanks to natural and chemical processes as well as the help of bacteria in the tank.

While the wastewater flows into the drain field and percolates through the soil for treatment, the sludge remains in the septic tank. Eventually, the tank must be cleaned or pumped out. Otherwise, the tank can overflow and cause sewage backups, leaks, clogs, or even a system failure.

Caring for Your Septic System

If you want to enjoy your septic system for its full life expectancy, then proper care and routine maintenance are key. Timely septic pumping and septic cleaning in La Verne are crucial, but here are some other things to consider:

  • Be careful with what you allow in the drains. Food scraps, hygiene products, fats, oils, and greases are just some things that are notorious for causing problems.
  • Install drain filters, garbage disposals, and grease traps if you cook heavily.
  • Do NOT use harsh chemical cleaners. These can kill “useful” bacteria which break down waste in the septic tank.
  • Use water moderately. Too much water usage at once can overwhelm the septic tank.
  • Do NOT drive over, plant trees, or install large structures on or near the septic tank or drain field.
  • Schedule periodic inspections and maintenance.

If you are looking for a reputable septic company to handle your septic cleaning or septic pumping in La Verne, then call Rooter Man Plumbing today. We are proud to serve La Verne and surround cities. Our friendly representatives are ready to take your call today.

Request Emergency Septic Pumping Today

Do you notice slow drainage or wastewater backups in multiple or all sinks, showers, and toilets? This is a tell-tale sign of an overfilled septic tank and should be addressed as soon as possible. Luckily, you don’t have to wait overnight or through the weekend. Call Rooter Man Plumbing to request urgent assistance. Our team is on standby to take your call today.

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