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Septic Pumping in Torrance, CA

Septic Pumping in Torrance, CA

A septic system is crucial for the twenty percent of homeowners in the United States whose house is not connected to a centralized sewer system. These property owners are responsible for their own sewage maintenance, and septic pumping and septic tank cleaning are two of the primary maintenance tasks.

Luckily, you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Rooter Man Plumbing is proud to offer professional septic pumping and septic cleaning in Torrance, CA. Call or message Rooter Man Plumbing to schedule a convenient appointment or arrange emergency assistance in Granada Hills today.

The Importance of Pumping the Septic Tank

Before we get to septic pumping, let’s understand how the septic system works. The septic system is made up of two primary components: the septic tank and the drain field. Waste and wastewater produced by your household will flow down the drain line into the septic tank where they naturally separate into three layers: a top layer of scum, a middle layer of wastewater, and a bottom layer of solid waste.


The wastewater, or liquid effluent, readily flows out of the septic tank toward the drain field for treatment, and a portion remains in the tank along with the solid waste and scum. Helpful bacteria and chemical processes break this waste down into dense sludge, but that only slows down the inevitable: a full tank.

As you can imagine, the sludge and solid waste can pose a serious threat if they approach the inlet and outlet pipes. If sludge gets into those pipes, you could end up dealing with slow drainage, clogs, sewage backups, leaks, and even a system failure.

Septic pumping involves using a specialized truck and equipment to remove the majority of the waste in the tank. This is a simple yet crucial maintenance task and should be performed once every 3 to 5 years.

What is Septic Cleaning?

We’ve established that septic pumping in Torrance involves removing excess waste and wastewater in the septic tank, thereby making room for the septic system to continue operating properly.

Septic cleaning also involves septic pumping, but it goes above and beyond. Our septic cleaning in Torrance also involves cleaning the walls, cavities, nooks, and crannies of gunk and muck. Septic cleaning is a comprehensive job that significantly reduces the risk of blockages and other septic issues.

How Much Does Septic Pumping & Cleaning Cost?

As a reputable septic company, Rooter Man Plumbing is committed to providing exceptional customer service as well as top-tier technical service. To this end, we are dedicated to offering competitive and transparent pricing.

When you request septic service from Rooter Man, you can rest assured you will get a price estimate upfront and before the work begins. Remember to explore our webpages to find applicable discounts, coupons, and promotional offers.

Request Emergency Septic Pumping Today

Do you need urgent septic tank pumping in Torrance NOW? Call Rooter Man Plumbing to speak with a live member of our team. We are happy to arrange an urgent dispatch to your location in Torrance, CA as soon as possible.

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