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4 Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners
4 Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners
Apr 06,2023

4 Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners

Homeownership is a major achievement for many people in the United States. Once you buy a residential property, there are several things you should address to ensure you make the most of your investment. With the high inflation rate, having a home under your name is admirable, but you should focus on critical systems like plumbing to ensure you make the most of your investment. It is a fantastic feeling to own a home, and Rooter Man can help you relish that feeling for a long by addressing plumbing problems before things get out of hand. If you want to maintain an efficient and functioning system, here are useful tips to help.


Locate the Main Valve

The first aspect to consider when maintaining a residential plumbing system is finding out the location of the main valve. Even though your plumbing system is running as expected, locating the main water valve can help determine the cause and viable solutions to mitigate further deterioration. When dealing with leaks or burst pipe emergencies, locating the main water valve ensures you prevent damage and gives you time to call a qualified plumber for repairs.

Inspect Your Plumbing System

If you buy an old property, we strongly recommend scheduling an appointment with a professional residential plumbing service. This allows us to inspect your plumbing system and address any efficiency and performance issues. If you lack the experience or knowledge of a professional plumber, it is advisable to leave the heavy lifting to a trusted practitioner. We leverage extensive industry expertise and equipment to assess, detect and address plumbing issues before things get out of hand.

Prevent Clogs

"Prevention is better than cure." This adage speaks about your health and well-being and other systems in your home, like plumbing. Nothing is more frustrating than a blocked drain, causing water damage because of leaks and pipe burst emergencies. Although many people usually opt for drain cleaning products, hiring a trustworthy plumber ensures a long-term solution is put in effect. Most drain cleaning products contain corrosive chemicals that damage pipes and increase susceptibility to leaks. As the leading residential plumbing service, we leverage industry-standard equipment to clear the blockage without compromising system efficiency.

Fix Plumbing Leaks

A minor toilet leak or hidden slab leak may not be a major cause for concern, but delaying repairs can cause devastating damage to your home. An average household in the United States wastes nearly 10,000 gallons of water annually on leaks. We can help you save thousands of dollars by detecting and repairing leaks before things get out of hand. Many people ignore telltale signs of leakage, resulting in severe water damage and expensive water bills. Schedule routine leak detection and repairs with an experienced plumber to prevent water damage and subsequent costly repairs.

These tips will help you maintain an efficient residential plumbing system without breaking the bank. Contact us at Rooter Man to schedule a consultation with a highly trained plumber in Pasadena, CA. We offer a wide range of services, such as leak detection, repairs, and installations, at competitive rates.

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