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Common Plumbing Pipes in Homes
Common Plumbing Pipes in Homes
Dec 31,2023

Common Plumbing Pipes in Homes

Plumbing is an essential part of any home, but the intricate web of pipes that makes modern living possible is a mystery to many homeowners. We rely on plumbing lines, from clean water to waste disposal. As a homeowner, it is essential to understand the various pipes and their purposes. We leverage extensive knowledge and innovative equipment at Rooter Man to identify various pipes across your property. Our plumbing service providers use common plumbing pipe materials during repiping projects.


PVC Pipes

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes are used globally in residential plumbing systems. They have a white or gray color and come in various diameters to accommodate different plumbing needs. PVC pipes are lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to work with, making them a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts and professional plumbing service providers. In addition, PVC pipes are often used for drainage systems and vent pipes because of their durability and ability to withstand high temperatures. However, PVC pipes are unsuitable for hot water supply lines, as they can warp or soften, prompting frequent repair or repiping calls. 

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes have been used in plumbing systems for decades. These pipes are known for their exceptional durability. Copper pipes come in two main types: rigid copper and flexible copper, and it is advisable to consult an expert before a pipe replacement project. Rigid copper pipes are often used for water supply lines, while flexible copper pipes are used for smaller applications and are easier to install. Copper pipes are corrosion resistant and suitable for hot and cold water supply. However, one drawback of copper pipes is their cost, which can be higher than other materials.

PEX Pipes

Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) pipes have gained popularity recently because of their flexibility and versatility. PEX pipes are known for resisting freezing, making them an excellent choice for cold weather climates. These pipes come in various colors, with red and blue often used to show hot and cold water lines. PEX pipes are relatively easy to work with, making them ideal for pipe replacement projects in residential and commercial plumbing systems. A professional plumber in Anaheim can bend and shape PEX pipes without soldering or specialized tools, making installations more accessible. 

ABS Pipes

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) pipes are usually used in residential plumbing for drainage and sewage systems. They are black and are known for their durability and resistance to impact. ABS pipes are lightweight and easy to install, making them a practical choice for waste disposal. These pipes typically carry wastewater away from sinks, toilets, and other fixtures. ABS pipes handle solid and liquid waste, and their smooth interior surface minimizes the risk of clogs. While ABS pipes are robust, they should not be used for pressurized water supply systems.

Understanding the various plumbing pipe materials used in homes is essential for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts alike. Each type of pipe serves a specific purpose, and choosing the right material for your plumbing needs can help ensure a reliable and efficient plumbing system in your home. Contact us at Rooter Man and schedule a consultation with a professional plumber for your repiping project. We can help you choose the right pipe for your plumbing needs without compromising longevity and performance.

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