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How Does My Septic System Work?
How Does My Septic System Work?
Apr 13,2023

How Does My Septic System Work?

If your home is not connected to a municipal sewer line, you may have a septic system to handle your waste disposal needs. Many people overlook their septic systems as long as everything functions as expected. However, scheduling routine septic inspections with a septic company can avoid many emergencies and repair calls. At Rooter Man, we leverage extensive industry knowledge and experience to determine the problem and recommend a long-term solution.


As a property owner, you need to know how your system functions, and telltale signs of damage can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long haul. If you prefer a more hands-off approach to maintenance, working with a professional can help. Let’s look at septic system basics and what you need to know.

The Main Line

All the waste from your home drains into the main septic pipe. This includes the bathtub, shower, sinks, plumbing appliances, and toilet. The main line extends from your home to the septic tank and comprises a series of pipes from various drains. If you have a septic system, the main line is equivalent to the municipal line, as it ferries all the waste to a centralized location.

The main line handles solid and liquid waste, but if you notice a slow drain or backup, you have a clog. Once you notice telltale signs of waste build-up, you should immediately hire a septic company for maintenance. Delaying septic tank pumping and maintenance can wreak unimaginable damage to your home. It is advisable to ensure items that go down the toilet are septic-friendly, or you risk a severe blockage problem.

The Septic Tank

The main line transports all the solid and liquid waste from your home into the septic tank. The tank separates the wastewater from solid waste, making it easy to pump and clean the system. Solid materials sink at the bottom and comprise fecal matter and toilet paper. Other solid, inorganic waste can clog the system, causing environmental problems.

Once the solid waste sinks, scum floats to the top. Scum comprises of oily contents like grease and fatty foods that creep into our drains and accumulate in the system. Septic tank pumping in West Covina is crucial to reduce the amount of solid waste at the bottom and scum, which hinders wastewater from flowing to the drain field for treatment. In addition, scum and residual solid waste build-up, increasing the risk of blockage.

The Drain Field

The drain pipe is made of layered material and pipes to treat wastewater before releasing it into the groundwater supply. After waste enters the septic tank, the solid materials sink to the bottom, allowing wastewater to flow through a series of pipes into the drainfield. Since the effluent contains toxins, the drain or leach field sieves the waste through a series of materials to ensure it is safe. You may have a leak that needs repair if you notice foul smells, greener grass, or puddles near the drain field.

Contact us at Rooter Man to learn more about your septic system and measures to help you maintain optimum efficiency. At competitive market rates, we offer various services, including septic tank pumping, repair and maintenance.

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