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How to Avoid Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line
How to Avoid Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line
May 18,2023

How to Avoid Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

Sewer lines run through your indoor and outdoor spaces and the tree roots in your backyard. This makes plumbing lines vulnerable to root damage, especially if there’s a leak. Roots can detect the slightest leak, infiltrating the system and wreaking havoc. If you notice slow drains, backup, sewage smells, or other telltale signs of blockage, chances are roots are growing in your pipes. The highly trained sewer repair technicians from Rooter Man can help diagnose and address the problem quickly.


Trees are a valuable addition to any landscape. However, some trees have expansive root systems which threaten your plumbing lines. We leverage industry-standard equipment to provide quality trenchless sewer line replacement services, preventing significant yard damage associated with digging trenches. In addition, this sewer repair technique eliminates guesswork, saving you time and money. If you have trees in your yard, here are things you can do to avoid expensive emergencies.

Locate Your Sewer Pipes

As mentioned, sewer lines run through your indoor and outdoor spaces. The first step to safeguarding your system is to locate sewer lines, allowing you to detect minor issues before things get out of hand. You can consult a reputable plumber or the local building records to discover where your lines are in the yard. We recommend scheduling regular care and maintenance with a professional to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. In case of severe damage, our technicians use trenchless technology to replace pipes without compromising curb appeal.

Plant Trees Wisely

Planting trees improves not only property aesthetics but also the ecosystem. However, many homeowners must consider the sewer system before planting trees. Before a tree planting exercise, onboard a reputable plumber to help you lessen the risk of root damage in the future. Besides trees, please limit the greenery and ensure they are at least 10 feet away from potential crossovers. Although root damage does not cause instant damage, delaying sewer repair can cause irreversible damage. We can map your yard, pinpointing the location of sewer lines to ease planting activities.

Look for Warning Signs

Planting trees wisely and maintaining your landscape is an excellent first step, but identifying red flags is the following line of defense. Some common telltale signs of damage include clogged drains, foul smells, and toilet backups. Although these signs don’t mean roots have infiltrated your pipes, it is a sign you should schedule a maintenance inspection with a plumber in Altadena, CA. Minor signs are often not significant signs of concern, but they precede a more severe problem. Sewer repair experts can inspect and determine the severity of the damage before recommending a lasting solution like trenchless sewer line replacement.

Sewer systems can run for many years without showing signs of damage. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore routine inspections and maintenance. When you hire us to check for damages, we leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to help your system function efficiently. Contact us at Rooter Man and schedule a consultation with our experts to enjoy exceptional services, such as trenchless sewer line replacement, without breaking the bank.

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