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How to Choose the Right Septic Tank Size
How to Choose the Right Septic Tank Size
Jun 08,2024

How to Choose the Right Septic Tank Size

Municipal sewer lines are effective waste management solutions for urban and crowded areas. However, suburbs or city outskirts usually need a connected line and rely on onsite systems. If you have a septic tank installation lined up, choosing the right tank size is crucial for efficient waste management. Rooter Man Plumbing can help you find an appropriately sized septic tank to prevent system failures, ensure effective wastewater treatment, and minimize maintenance costs. Here's a guide to help you understand the vital factors to consider when selecting the right septic tank size for your needs.


Assessing Household Size and Water Usage

Before embarking on a septic tank installation, your household is the most critical factor in determining the correct tank size. The number of people living in your home affects the amount of wastewater generated. Working with a septic company is advisable since professionals leverage extensive knowledge to calculate tank size based on the number of bedrooms and monthly water usage. In addition, homes with high water consumption may require a larger unit to accommodate the increased wastewater flow and prevent recurring septic tank cleaning or pumping sessions.

Understanding Local Regulations

Local health departments and environmental agencies often have specific regulations regarding septic tank sizing. It's essential to check with your local authorities or a reputable septic company to understand the requirements in your area. These regulations ensure public health and environmental protection by preventing the septic system from overloading. Following these guidelines ensures compliance in selecting the tank size and mitigates unplanned septic tank repair or replacement emergencies.

Considering Future Needs

When choosing a septic tank size, planning for the future is wise. If your family is likely to grow or add more water-intensive appliances, choose a larger tank to accommodate these changes. The last thing you want is frequent septic tank pumping and maintenance sessions. Also, selling your home in the future can prompt a larger tank to increase property value, showing prospective buyers the system can handle higher capacities.

Evaluating Soil Conditions

The soil conditions on your property play a significant role in the effectiveness of your septic system. Percolation or perc tests measure the soil's ability to absorb water. If soil absorption is low, you may need a larger tank or additional drain field. A smaller tank may require more frequent septic tank pumping sessions, which is costly and inconvenient. Consult a professional to conduct a perc test and evaluate your soil conditions to determine your property's appropriate tank size and design.

Seeking Professional Advice

While it's possible to estimate the right septic tank size independently, consulting with a plumber is highly recommended. Septic tank repair experts have the expertise to accurately assess your needs and ensure your system complies with local regulations. Professionals can also provide valuable insights into factors often overlooked by DIYers, such as seasonal water table fluctuations or potential system upgrades.

Choosing the right tank size is essential for your septic system's efficient operation and longevity. Contact Rooter Man Plumbing and schedule a consultation with our experts. We provide comprehensive services, from tank selection and installation to routine septic tank cleaning sessions. Let us help you maintain an effective waste management unit and improve the health and safety of your home.

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