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Is It Time to Pump Your Septic Tank?
Is It Time to Pump Your Septic Tank?
Apr 06,2023

Is It Time to Pump Your Septic Tank?

If your home is not connected to a municipal sewer line, you may rely on a septic system for waste management. With all the different waste that goes down your drains and toilet, routine septic tank pumping is critical to ensure you make the most of your system. Homeowners must work with a reputable septic company to guarantee professional maintenance and care. Many people don’t detect telltale signs; it is time to pump the system until it is too late. Here are signs you need to schedule septic tank pumping immediately.


Stagnant Water

The first sign you are due a septic tank pumping appointment is stagnant water in the lawn, especially around the drain field. When you notice pools of water in your backyard, it is a sign your tank is full. A functioning system keeps the wastewater underground, but delaying maintenance allows solid waste to clog your drains. Once you notice water collecting in the yard, it may be time to schedule a septic system maintenance. The last thing you want is severe damage and environmental hazards from a leaking sewer system.

Foul Smells

Sewer smells can be detected easily and often show a problem with the system. Wastewater flows down the drains and into the septic tank, carrying substances that can build up in the pipes. Organic material accumulating in the tank decays, releasing sewer smells into your indoor living spaces. Once you notice a foul odor emanating from your drains, it is a sign you need to hire a professional septic company. Before dumping a handful of drain cleaning products, we can help you determine the product’s safety. This goes a long way in preventing corrosion and subsequent damages, like leaks and burst piping.

Slow Drains

Another sign you need septic tank pumping and maintenance is a slow drain in your home. A line blockage is the major cause of a slow drain, which shows an underlying sewer problem. If you use residential drain cleaning products and the problem persists, consider professional help. A slow drain can grow into a complete blockage, compromising the efficiency and function of your septic system. It is not a surprise that your drains might clog after all the waste you dispose of, but routine hydro-jetting can help mitigate the problem.

Sewage Backup

No one wants to come home to a sewage backup indoors or outside the premises. This not only affects the safety of your home, but exposes toxic effluent to the environment. A full septic system causes a sewage backup, usually accompanied by bad smells and stagnant water near the drain field. Another noticeable sign is healthier grass above the septic system, which shows a potential leak providing nutrients to that specific patch of grass.

Once you notice these signs, call Rooter Man plumbing service immediately. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to assess, diagnose, and address sewer problems before they become more pronounced. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our services and how we can help you maintain a high-performance system.

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