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Septic Service in Van Nuys, CA

Septic Pumping & Cleaning in Van Nuys, CA

Millions of American households rely on septic systems to safely treat and dispose of generated waste. This valuable utility helps to eliminate or reduce wastewater pollutants that cause health and environmental hazards. However, ignoring septic tank pumping in Van Nuys can cause system failure and costly repairs or replacements. Rooter Man Plumbing can help avoid such scenarios by providing routine checks and maintenance services like septic pumping. 

In an ideal world, waste management systems should function successfully. However, because of poor septic cleaning and maintenance, different components malfunction. This can cause sludge accumulation, sewage smells, wastewater backups, and many more problems. Here are tips to help you schedule septic tank pumping in Van Nuys, and maintain an adequate system.

Recognize the Signs

Some signs you need septic pumping are easy to detect, such as slow drains, foul smells, and backups. When you notice a problem with your unit, call a professional septic service in Van Nuys quickly. While the damage might not be immediate, these signs can show the need for septic tank pumping. We leverage extensive industry experience and expertise to assess, detect, diagnose, and address the problem before things get out of hand. It is advisable to schedule routine septic cleaning in Van Nuys, ensuring minor issues don’t grow to wreak havoc on your premises.


Use Water Efficiently

All the waste from your home ends up in the septic tank. Excess water can disrupt your unit’s fauna, affecting the performance of naturally occurring bacteria. In addition, it can overwhelm the system and cause a flood, exposing your loved ones to hazardous waste. Although there are measures you can take to minimize water usage, the most effective option is to hire a professional for wastewater treatment system cleaning. Septic cleaning goes a long way in reinforcing water-saving measures like leak repair, using a flush-free toilet, or installing high-efficiency shower heads.

Waste Disposal

Did you know septic pumping in Van Nuys clears everything that goes down your drain? With that in mind, only dispose of human waste and toilet paper down the drain. Many assume their toilets and drains are invulnerable and flush items like pesticides, cooking oil, female hygiene products, wipes, gasoline, paper towels, etc. These materials may not cause instant damage but accumulate with time and kill microorganisms in the system. An experienced septic service in Van Nuys can help you maintain a healthy and efficient system by providing waste disposal advice.

Prevent Chemical Poisoning

Nothing is more frustrating than wastewater backups or slow drains. However, chemical cleaners are the go-to solution for many people instead of professional septic tank cleaning. These products provide a fast, short-term solution but cause devastating damage in the future. Not all chemical cleaning products are safe for DIY wastewater treatment system cleaning, as they contain corrosive chemicals that damage drains and pipes. Hire a professional for septic pumping in Van Nuys to ensure all the corrosive substances are removed, and the signs of deterioration repaired.

These chemicals also increase the frequency of septic tank cleaning, as they kill the bacteria in the tank, affecting waste breakdown and other vital functions. If you use chemical cleaners frequently, you are due a professional inspection and septic tank pumping. Contact us at Rooter Man Plumbing to schedule an appointment with our team of experts. We provide unmatched septic cleaning in Van Nuys without breaking the bank or compromising quality.

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