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Sewer Repair in La Mirada, CA

Sewer Repair in La Mirada, CA

Nothing is more frustrating than a sewer emergency, especially during odd hours. As a homeowner, maintaining healthy and safe premises is pivotal to your loved ones’ well-being. With that in mind, we recommend scheduling routine inspections with a reputable sewer repair service. At Rooter Man, we leverage extensive knowledge and industry-standard equipment to promptly assess, diagnose, and address problems. While it is common for homeowners to handle maintenance around their property, leave sewer repair in La Mirada to the professionals. Here are signs you need to replace your sewer line.

Gurgling Sounds

The occasional weird sounds like gurgling are familiar in plumbing systems. However, frequent gurgling shows a more severe underlying problem, such as blockage or pipe damage. In such situations, we recommend hiring a plumber for an inspection. If the damage is irreversible, we provide quality trenchless sewer line replacement in La Mirada. Although strange noises are not a significant cause for concern, delaying maintenance can cause further deterioration and expensive sewer repair projects. As mentioned, we use innovative equipment and expertise to pinpoint and rectify the problem. If you suspect an issue with your system, you can rely on us for quality sewer repair in La Mirada.

Slow Drains

A puddle in the shower or an overflowing kitchen sink is frustrating and inconvenient. If you experience such issues, there’s a blockage in the pipes. Homeowners can fix minor problems with a plunger or brute force, but severe clogs require comprehensive sewer line cleaning. When you notice a slow drain, call a plumber for help. Our technicians leverage specialized hydro-jetting equipment to enhance sewer line cleaning and minimize damage to your system.


Soggy Yards

Do you notice soggy patches in your backyard? If so, a leak could allow effluent to escape into your property. Even though wastewater improves yard lushness, it contains toxic material which compromises your health. Since sewer lines run throughout your home, hire a professional to locate and address the leak. If we notice irreversible damage, the best option is to install a new pipe. Luckily, we provide trenchless sewer line replacement in La Mirada, minimizing yard damage and expenses associated with sewer line installation projects.

Sewage Smells

Sewage odors outside your home show you likely need to fix a damaged pipe. In addition, foul smells affect the quality of your premises and the environment. Once you notice strange smells lingering outside, schedule an inspection with a sewer repair expert. We can determine the severity of the problem before recommending long-term solutions like trenchless sewer line replacement. We prefer this less-invasive sewer line installation method to restore system efficiency and function with minimal yard damage.

Pests in the Yard

As mentioned, effluent from sewer lines is toxic and harmful to the ecosystem. However, wastewater attracts pests and other nasty critters, wreaking havoc in your home. If you constantly require the services of an exterminator to rid your premises of insects, bugs, and other animals, schedule a trenchless sewer line replacement immediately. We can pinpoint the leak’s location and provide lasting repairs to prevent a recurrence.

Contact Rooter Man today and enjoy quality services at competitive rates. We provide comprehensive sewer line cleaning, repair, and maintenance, giving you peace of mind. Please schedule a consultation today and learn more about our sewer services.

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