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What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Drains?
What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Drains?
Jun 02,2024

What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Drains?

Proper drainage is crucial to protect your property from water damage. If you notice pooling water following heavy rains, consider a drain line replacement or installation. If you see structural deterioration or telltale signs of basement leaks, Rooter Man Plumbing can help. We can assess your drainage needs and recommend lasting solutions to ensure a safe home. Here are the different types of outdoor drains you can consider.


French Drain

A French drain is a popular and effective solution for managing excess water. It consists of a gravel and rock-filled trench and a perforated pipe at the bottom that redirects water away from the affected area. Plumbing service professionals recommend French drains for properties with poor natural drainage or where water tends to pool. In addition, foundations and basements are susceptible to water damage, making French drains ideal. The gravel and pipe work together to collect and disperse water, preventing buildup on the surface and emergency plumbing service calls.

Dry Well

A dry well is an underground structure that collects and disperses runoff water into the ground. It is usually a large, porous container filled with gravel, which allows water to drip into the surrounding soil slowly. Your plumber may recommend a dry well if there are areas on your property where water stagnates, and a French drain might not be suitable. They help manage stormwater by directing it away from surfaces and into the ground, reducing the risk of flooding and erosion. It is advisable to schedule a soil test with a trusted plumbing repair service to ensure it can absorb water efficiently before installing a dry well.

Catch Basin

A catch basin, or a storm drain, is an outdoor drain that captures and redirects surface water. It consists of a grate-covered inlet that allows water to flow into an underground basin, where debris and sediment are trapped, preventing clogging and costly drain line replacement emergencies. You can find storm drains in areas with heavy runoff, such as driveways, parking lots, and low-lying regions. Also, plumbing repair service experts use them to prevent stagnant water and direct it into the stormwater drainage system, reducing the risk of flooding and water damage.

Trench Drain

A trench drain is a drainage system that removes surface water quickly and efficiently. It is made up of a long trench with a grated cover and is usually installed flush with the ground surface. Your plumber may recommend trench drains for areas where water runoff needs to be managed over a large surface, such as driveways, patios, and pool decks. These features capture and redirect water away from these surfaces effectively, preventing erosion and maintaining the integrity of paved areas. The grated cover also prevents debris from entering the drain, ensuring smooth operation.

Choosing the right type of outdoor drain depends on your specific drainage needs and the characteristics of your property. By understanding these different types of outdoor drains, you can make an informed decision that suits your situation and keeps your property dry and safe. Contact us at Rooter Man Plumbing and schedule a consultation with our experts. We work with you to ensure an efficient plumbing system and a comfortable home.

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