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What Causes My Drains to Back Up After It Rains?
What Causes My Drains to Back Up After It Rains?
Feb 17,2024

What Causes My Drains to Back Up After It Rains?

Rainfall provides many benefits, from irrigating our plants to replenish natural water sources. However, there are downsides to excess rain, including drain backups, which could be more convenient and convenient. This is a common phenomenon many homeowners experience, prompting the expertise of a certified plumber. At Rooter Man of Los Angeles, we understand the repercussions of leaving clogged drains unattended and offer professional drain cleaning services to mitigate nasty surprises. If you experience frequent blockages following rainfall, here are the common causes. 


Overwhelmed Sewer Systems

Municipal sewer systems can become overwhelmed by the influx of stormwater. This exceeds the capacity of sewer pipes, causing backups and costly drain line repair emergencies. The situation is worse in older infrastructures that are prone to infiltration and inflow issues. In addition, combined sewer systems, which collect sanitary sewage and stormwater runoff, have a high risk of backups during heavy rain. If you rely on a municipal system, municipalities may implement upgrades to improve sewer system capacity. However, septic tanks require the expertise of a plumbing repair service.

Blocked Drainage Pipes

Drain pipes can become clogged with debris, sediment, and tree roots, blocking the flow of water. This increases the likelihood of backups during rainfall. The most common culprits of clogged drainage lines include leaves, twigs, and other organic matter that prevent water from draining properly. The most effective way to address this problem is to schedule regular drain cleaning and maintenance with a trusted plumbing service.

Poor Lot Grading and Drainage

Inadequate lot grading and drainage can exacerbate drainage issues during rainfall, causing backups in residential drains. While improper grading may not raise concerns initially, it can cause water pooling around the foundation, increasing the risk of basement flooding, structural issues, and drain backups. Also, insufficient or improperly installed drainage systems, such as French drains or perimeter drains, may not divert water away from the property effectively. We recommend hiring a professional plumber to address grading and drainage issues to ensure a proper slope, install, or repair drainage systems, and direct downspouts away from the foundation.

Aging Infrastructure and Sewer Line Defects

As infrastructure ages, sewer lines may deteriorate, causing cracks, breaks, collapses and costly drain line repair projects. Infiltration of groundwater into damaged sewer lines can occur during rainfall, causing backups in your drains. As a homeowner, you may need to enlist the services of a plumbing service provider to inspect and repair damaged sewer pipes. Inquire if they leverage trenchless methods, such as pipe lining or pipe bursting, to minimize disruption to the property.

Drains backing up after rainfall can be attributed to various factors, including the ones mentioned. By understanding the underlying causes of this issue, you can take proactive measures to mitigate the risk of backups and minimize the effects of heavy rainfall on your property. Contact us at Rooter Man of Los Angeles and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We have seasoned plumbing repair service experts ready to provide regular maintenance, such as cleaning gutters and downspouts, addressing grading and drainage issues, and inspecting sewer lines.

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