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What Causes Slab Leaks?
What Causes Slab Leaks?
Mar 21,2024

What Causes Slab Leaks?

A slab leak refers to plumbing leaks that occur within the concrete foundation of a building. While most leaks often go undetected for long, routine leak detection can mitigate severe water ingress and subsequent structural deterioration. At Rooter Man of Los Angeles, we work with homeowners to help them understand the underlying causes of slab leaks and how to identify and mitigate potential risks. You should know the various factors that can cause slab leaks. 


Corrosion of Pipes

Plumbing lines run beneath the concrete slab foundation of your home and corrode over time because of exposure to minerals in the soil, water chemistry, or age. Corrosion weakens the integrity of the pipes, making them prone to leaks or bursting. In addition, high levels of dissolved oxygen or aggressive water composition can hasten pipe corrosion, causing slab leaks. Regular inspection and maintenance by a plumbing service expert can detect corrosion early and prevent further deterioration.

Abrasion and Friction

The movement of pipes within the soil or against other materials can cause abrasion and friction, causing wear and tear with time. Suppose your property has expansive or shifting soil. In that case, the constant movement of the ground can exert pressure on plumbing pipes, causing them to rub against the surrounding materials or each other. This abrasion can weaken the pipes and eventually result in slab leaks. Professional plumbing service experts can leverage proper installation techniques and proven protective measures to mitigate abrasion-induced leaks.

High Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure within the plumbing system can strain the pipes and joints, making them more susceptible to leaks. When water pressure exceeds recommended levels, it overwhelms the pipes, especially those beneath the concrete slab foundation. The increased pressure can cause pinhole leaks, cracks, or joint failures, resulting in slab leaks. A professional plumber can assess the severity, recommend water leak repair solutions, and suggest preventive measures, like installing a pressure regulator or adjusting the water pressure settings.

Poor Installation or Construction Defects

Inadequate installation practices or construction defects can contribute to slab leaks, whether DIY projects or an inexperienced plumbing repair service; poor pipe alignment, insufficient insulation, or substandard materials can compromise the integrity of your plumbing system. In addition, construction-related stresses, such as the settling of the foundation or structural movement, can exacerbate existing weaknesses in the plumbing infrastructure, causing slab leaks. Regular inspection by leak detection experts can identify installation or construction defects early and prevent leaks.

Tree Roots Intrusion

Tree roots seeking moisture and nutrients can penetrate underground pipes, including those beneath the concrete slab foundation. As roots grow and expand, they can pressure the pipes, causing them to crack or rupture. This allows water to seep into the surrounding soil, leading to slab leaks. You can prevent such problems by planting trees away from the vicinity of underground pipes or installing root barriers. If you suspect a problem besides taking preventive measures, hire a plumber to diagnose and address underlying issues. 

Slab leaks can occur from various causes, and understanding the ones mentioned can help you take the required steps to prevent slab leaks and protect your property against potential water damage. Contact us at Rooter Man of Los Angeles and schedule a consultation with our plumbing repair service expert. We provide comprehensive water leak repair services, including inspections, maintenance, and timely repairs, ensuring the longevity of your home’s foundation.

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