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Why is My Plumbing Making Noise?
Why is My Plumbing Making Noise?
May 11,2023

Why is My Plumbing Making Noise?

Plumbing systems often make noises, especially if you run a faucet or an appliance. However, recurring sounds, even when the system is not in use, may show a more severe underlying problem. Please don’t write it off, whether it’s a gurgle or buzzing noise! The last thing you want is a burst pipe or flooded bathroom at night without a professional plumbing service.


No matter how insignificant the problem may seem, scheduling an inspection with Rooter Man is crucial. Our highly trained and well-equipped plumbers pinpoint the cause and recommend viable solutions to prevent further deterioration. Now that you know the potential risk of plumbing noises, how do you differentiate between a serious problem and an innocuous racket? Let’s look at the different plumbing noises and what they mean.


If you hear banging in your plumbing system, there’s a chance the water pressure or flow is the culprit. The noise can also emanate from loose supply lines, so you’ll want to call a professional plumbing service to determine the source. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and experience to inspect, detect, diagnose, and address plumbing issues before things get out of hand.

The next time you hear a banging noise when shutting off a valve or a faucet, it may be a water hammer caused by high-pressure water slamming into the closed valve. Since water flows through plumbing lines with considerable momentum, delaying repairs can wreak havoc in your system and home.


As mentioned, water flows through pipes in high momentum. This causes the pipes to move around if they need to be appropriately secured. Like most plumbing components, fasteners experience wear and loosen with time. If you have never changed plumbing fasteners since your home was built, schedule a maintenance inspection with a plumbing service as soon as possible.

Although homeowners can check exposed pipes for signs of deterioration, most plumbing runs through walls and underground. We can dispatch an experienced plumber to your location to determine the cause, whether it’s poorly fastened pipes or something else. During an inspection, our technicians also check for areas that need attention and provide repairs.


Whistling or squealing plumbing pipes is a common problem caused by excessively high-pressure water. If your lines weren’t whistling before, it might be caused by lime scale buildup. The scale accumulation ultimately narrows the pipes’ interior, compromising normal flow. Whistling usually precedes pressure issues; the best way to prevent such scenarios is to hire a plumber for maintenance.

Another reason for whistling plumbing is improperly sized pipes, but if the nose emanates from one fixture, you’ve found the culprit. Sometimes it is challenging for inexperienced individuals to detect the problem’s cause, which is why we recommend working with a reputable plumbing service.

If you want to know more about plumbing noises and what they mean, contact us at Rooter Man. Please schedule a consultation today with our expert plumbers, and enjoy quality services at competitive rates. We handle everything from installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance to address all your needs.

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