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History of Sewers
History of Sewers
Jun 28,2023

History of Sewers

Sewers have existed for thousands of years and collect the waste we produce in our homes and workplaces. The human body relies on food and water to survive and get rid of what is unnecessary. Disposing of these waste products properly is imperative to mitigate health and environmental hazards. Rooter Man understands the importance of a functioning sewer system and provides quality septic tank installation, repair, and maintenance without breaking the bank. In addition, our septic company pumps conventional and aerobic septic systems, ensuring a healthy and durable waste management system.


The History of Sewers

The first record of a functioning sewer system dates back to when the first human population settled into towns. As the number of people grew, they dug pits, but this changed around 4,000 BC when ancient Babylonians washed down the waste with water into clay pipes.

In 3,000 BC, the civilization that settled in the Indus River Valley was the first to connect toilets with waste management systems. They used water and pumps to wash the waste into the river, causing pollution and health hazards.

The ancient Greeks became the first to use wastewater as fertilizer since they didn’t have great river systems to dispose of the waste. Some cities transported waste to the outskirts. This later changed when the Romans became the first to separate wastewater from clean water.

The Romans were obsessively hygienic, and in 100 BC, they banned waste disposal on the streets. However, they didn’t know the risks of improper waste management and learned about disinfection thousands of years later.

All Was Forgotten

The dark ages could be dark for many reasons, and sanitation is one of them. Since the Romans’ discovery, no progress was made, causing streets to be used as sewer systems. This attracted nasty critters and pests, which spread diseases such as cholera. Fortunately, the Arabs discovered how to separate wastewater and clean water in the Insula Peninsula, influencing modern septic tank pumping and maintenance development.

The Renaissance

The Renaissance was the ‘re-birth" of immense innovations in arts and science. However, the same could not be said about the sewage problem. Cities and neighborhoods stank, and London was the most affected. The situation in London was so bad it earned the nickname ‘The Great Stink" in 1830.

A Breakthrough

The first breakthrough was made in 1847 when an English doctor connected the cholera outbreak and contaminated water. This prompted lawmakers to implement sewer tank systems. The first successful underground system was in Hamburg, Germany, and the model was adopted in other major cities to curb the sewage problem. Since then, septic tank repair and maintenance became vital to enhance waste disposal systems.

Wastewater Treatment

With the realization of underground systems, cities stopped dumping waste in water sources but installed pipes to carry the waste to treatment plants. These facilities treat wastewater before releasing it back into the environment. This is how modern septic systems work, minimizing pollution and health hazards. However, modern systems require routine septic tank pumping to prevent overfill. If you rely on a septic system for waste disposal, we recommend hiring a septic tank repair service for routine maintenance.

Rooter Man is a reputable septic company that understands the importance of a healthy unit and offers services to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our experts to enjoy unmatched septic tank installation, repair, and pumping, at competitive rates.

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