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How to Get Rid of Roots in Sewer Line 
How to Get Rid of Roots in Sewer Line 
Nov 16,2023

How to Get Rid of Roots in Sewer Line 

The intrusion of tree roots into sewer lines is a common problem that can cause costly repairs and disruptions in your plumbing system. Tree roots are naturally drawn to sewer lines in search of water and oxygen, and they can penetrate even the tiniest cracks in your pipes. Fortunately, there are effective ways to prevent roots from causing damage to your sewer lines. If you suspect a problem with your plumbing, Rooter Man can inspect, detect, diagnose, and address the issue. Here are vital tips to eliminate roots in sewer lines and maintain a trouble-free plumbing system.


Regular Maintenance and Inspection

One of the most effective ways to prevent root intrusion in your sewer lines is by scheduling regular maintenance and inspections with a professional plumbing service. Hiring an expert to inspect your sewer lines regularly can help identify any early signs of root intrusion. Early detection allows for prompt sewer line repair to prevent further damage. During the inspection, the plumber will use specialized equipment, such as a sewer camera, to inspect the inside of your pipes. If any tree roots are detected, they can be removed using a rooter or hydro-jetting equipment. 

Install Root Barriers

Root barriers can be installed around your sewer lines to prevent tree roots from accessing them. These barriers are made of durable materials like plastic or metal and are buried around the pipes. When tree roots encounter a root barrier, they are redirected away from the lines, preventing intrusion. It’s essential to consult with a professional plumber to determine the best type of root barrier for your specific situation and to ensure proper installation.

Choose the Right Trees and Plants

When planting trees and shrubs near your sewer lines, choosing species less likely to cause root intrusion problems is essential. Some trees, like willows, oaks, and maples, are known for aggressive root growth and should be planted safely from your plumbing. Consult a local arborist or landscaper to select trees and plants with less invasive root systems. This proactive approach can help you avoid potential root-related issues in the future.

Chemical Root Inhibitors

Chemical root inhibitors can deter root growth in your sewer lines. These chemicals are typically copper-based and create a barrier that prevents roots from attaching to the pipe walls. While chemical root inhibitors can be effective, they may require regular reapplication to maintain their effectiveness. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consult with a plumbing service before using chemical root inhibitors to ensure they are safe and appropriate for your plumbing system.

Root intrusion in sewer lines can cause plumbing issues, sewage backups, and costly repairs. However, with the proper preventive measures and regular maintenance, you can effectively eliminate roots in your sewer lines and maintain a trouble-free plumbing system. Schedule regular inspections, install root barriers, choose suitable trees and plants, and consider chemical root inhibitors when appropriate. By following these vital tips, you can keep your sewer lines root-free and ensure the longevity of your plumbing system. Contact us today at Rooter Man for exceptional plumbing services like sewer line repair, replacement, and maintenance without breaking the bank.

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