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How to Get Rid of Septic Odors?
How to Get Rid of Septic Odors?
May 03,2023

How to Get Rid of Septic Odors?

Septic systems collect the waste from our homes, guaranteeing safe and healthy premises. Like most systems, routine maintenance is critical to prevent deterioration and ensure everything performs well. However, many people overlook their waste management systems, especially when there’s no malfunction. Delaying septic tank repair and maintenance inspections allows minor issues to grow and wreak havoc.


A common telltale sign of septic damage is sewage odors indoors and outside. These smells are uncomfortable, but a high concentration can be toxic or even explosive. The most effective way to prevent further deterioration and costly septic tank repair services is to schedule routine inspections with a professional. Rooter-Man is a reputable septic company with seasoned technicians ready to help you maintain an efficient and safe septic system. Here are ways you can eliminate sewer smells without compromising system function.

Inspect the Tank’s Waste Level

A full tank is the most common cause of septic smells, which can quickly be resolved. If your last septic tank pumping was over three years ago, waste can accumulate in the tank and clog the system. The first step is to find the access lid in the backyard and ensure you have protective gear before opening the tank. The last thing you want is to touch toxic waste, compromising your safety and overall well-being. If you prefer a hands-off approach, hire a septic company to handle the heavy lifting and pump the system.

Check the Roofing Vents

Another common cause of septic smells is a malfunctioning roofing vent. Vent stacks allow air from the drains to flow through the roof, equalizing pressure and waste flow. If the roofing vent has a problem, air won’t move in and out of the drain lines, causing gurgling noises and unpleasant odors to emerge from the toilet and other drains. Check the vent stacks regularly for blockages and clear debris like snow, leaves, and dirt.

Use an Activated Carbon Cover

Sewage smells can render your indoor and outdoor spaces inhabitable and a potential health hazard. We can incorporate activated carbon filters over your vents when you schedule septic tank installation services. This is a more practical alternative than the conventional activated charcoal filters, as activated carbon masks the underlying problem in severe cases. If you have a septic tank installation or maintenance project lined up, consult a professional plumber for information about preventing septic odors.

Try DIY Solutions

If you are looking for a quick, short-term solution, pour white vinegar and baking soda down the drain or toilet once every week. Wait an hour before rinsing with hot water or flushing the toilet to break down and clear buildup in the lines. However, DIY alternatives are short-term and don’t address the underlying problem. Even if you conduct DIY solutions, routine maintenance inspections by a professional plumber mitigate further damage and costly repairs.

Contact us at Rooter Man and schedule a consultation with our representatives to eliminate guesswork and uncertainty when dealing with septic smells. We leverage innovative equipment and proven strategies to provide quality septic tank pumping and other services without breaking the bank.

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