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Top Ways You Are Destroying Your Septic System
Top Ways You Are Destroying Your Septic System
Apr 27,2023

Top Ways You Are Destroying Your Septic System

Septic systems play a vital role in managing household waste nationwide. Many homes in the suburbs need to be connected to a municipal sewer line, meaning they have a system that addresses waste management needs. Although septic systems can run for many years without showing signs of damage, routine inspections are crucial for addressing minor signs of damage before wreaking havoc in your home. Rooter Man leverages extensive industry knowledge and expertise to pinpoint and rectify any septic problem quickly and professionally.


Whether your system needs septic tank pumping or cleaning, we are the go-to septic company. The last thing any homeowner wants is to come home to a flooded yard or backed-up toilet, and working with a professional can protect you from such expensive scenarios. If you suspect a problem with your waste management system, here are ways you may be responsible for the damage.

Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals threaten the well-being of your loved ones and pets and compromise the function and safety of your septic system. Toxic chemicals should not end up in the environment, and dumping them in the sewer system is not a safe alternative. With that in mind, it is essential to consult a septic company to find things that shouldn’t be disposed of in your drains.

Toxic chemicals can affect your septic system’s work by disrupting the naturally occurring bacteria and the overall waste breakdown process. These chemicals attack and break down the micro-organisms, causing them to die off. If the septic tank fauna is imbalanced, less waste will be broken down, increasing the risk of clogs and frequent septic tank pumping in Malibu, CA.

Food Waste

Many believe that a septic system can handle human and food waste, which is not the case. This myth should be avoided if you want to maintain an efficient waste management system. The enzymes that break down human waste are not suited to handle the vast range of food waste in your septic system. Food waste can build up in the lines and form blockages even if you have a garbage disposal unit.

Food waste that should never end up in the septic system includes coffee grounds, fats, oils, and grease. These substances give debris something to cling to and build up inside the pipes, causing backups and foul odors. Avoiding eggshells, cooked foods, and fruit skins is also advisable, as they cause enzyme breakdown and clogs.

Septic Additives

Septic additives are sometimes the best solution, whether a backed-up toilet or bad smells emanating from your drains. While these products can easily be bought at a local store, consult a reputable septic company before adding a handful of chemicals. According to the EPA, additives are a short-term solution to a more severe underlying problem and can destroy natural enzymes that break down waste.

Before introducing septic additives or other chemicals, contact us at Rooter Man to learn about the pros and cons of various products. Our septic technicians can recommend safer and lasting solutions like septic tank pumping and cleaning at competitive rates.

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